George Washington

Laura Koenig, baroque flute
Dawn Lindsay, violin
John Lutterman, cello
Juliana Osinchuk, harpsichord

“Nothing is more agreeable and ornamental than good music.”
– George Washington

What was music like in Colonial and early Federalist America? If only Yankee Doodle comes to mind, this soirée will introduce a “new world” of baroque and classical repertoire written by native born and newly immigrated composers. The program includes works by William Billings, Benjamin Carr, John Christopher Moller, and Francis Hopkinson, a personal friend of George Washington and signer of the Declaration of Independence—and Yankee Doodle, of course. Performed on period instruments in a unique setting.

Performed at Alaska Music & Sound, 1000 Ingra St.

AFM-GeorgeWashington Heard This-Concert Program

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